It’s My Favorite Holiday!

Yes!  It is that time in the Ultimate Galactic Universe once again. The Ultimate Galactic Headquarters sanctioned Universal holiday, Talk Shit About Your Boss Day!  My favorite day.  For those remotely few who are not familiar with it, every 450 Vadurian years (see for the conversion table as Vadurian Standard is the official time of the Ultimate Galactic Universe) we celebrate this sanctioned holiday.  It was instituted long ago when a collective of disgruntled employees successfully sued the Universe at Large demanding recompense for the pain, suffering and mental anguish of having assholes for bosses. The class action suit found a sympathetic judge who ruled in their favor, awarding a large sum cash and implementing this holiday as a means for employees throughout the universe to relieve their pent up frustration and anguish without fear of retribution.  On this one day, employees can say anything they wish about their bosses, true or false, call them names, insult them and otherwise vent hostility as long as it does not result in direct physical injury or death.  Since its implementation, the holiday has been an astounding success.  Many employers have simply made it a paid holiday so as to not have to listen to an onslaught of insulting diatribe in person.

So, now that you are all caught up, on to celebrating this prestigious day!

Harvey!  You dirt bag.  You suck!

*Here is a good place to point out that “dirt bag” is not actually an insult.  Harvey actually is a sentient, semi-intelligent gelatinous bag of dirt. Saying he is semi-intelligent is also not an insult.  Sometimes the truth just hurts.




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