Bubbles in Space

I had the opportunity to taxi a gazzilionare around recently.  Why would someone that wealthy want to ride around the universe in a crappy cab, you ask? Well, he wanted to follow his adolescent daughter around incognito.  She’s going through what he calls, “the dark stages” of growing up, not really a kid and not actually grown, where the universe looks dark, bleak and like a generally foul place.  It still looks like that when you are grown, we’ve just had all the “give a shit” sucked out of our souls by then.  That’s what the dark stage does, it takes all that care for what beings are experiencing, injustice and perversions and then inverts it into a little bubble of isolationism, making our universe just about ourselves and what we can control, pushing everything else out because it doesn’t matter in our little micro-bubble in space.  He, the gazzionaire, didn’t seem too worried about his daughter becoming cynical about how the universe works. He seemed more worried that her having access to so much wealth might <feel free to insert a gasp here> make her feel like she could change it. After all, the super, ultra wealthy have made huge profits off those beings in tiny bubbles and he’d hate to see the order change.

The wealthiest among us profit from our bubbles, from our cynical view of, “that’s just how things are and I’m going to just worry about my stuff.” They keep the ire of the masses firmly pointed across the street rather than up the hill. We happily concede to the idea that the guy in the Big House gives us a job, he provides for us and our family, it is the person next door who doesn’t deserve better than what we have. Truth is, you beings have it all backwards.  That guy on the hill is living off of you, your hard work and your sacrifice and your willingness to do what is necessary to feed your family, including sucking up to him. From bottom end to middle management, you work ten times as hard for such a small fraction of what the top makes that it would round to zero if you were rounding to the nearest hundredth. The business does well on the efforts of the laborers and those at the top take the credit and the bonus profit and the workers’ reward is that they get to keep their jobs and same lousy salary and are disciplined to believe they should be grateful for that crumb. Corporate success fails to translate into a better living for those who continually make it possible.

How does something like that change? Maybe with one young girl who doesn’t let that cynical bubble snap tight around her. I’m rooting for you, kid.


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